Soleil Mimosas like a juice box

Sunday brunch just got a little bit more convenient.

Using real fruit and sparkling white wine, having Soleil Mimosas in your icebox means no longer having to steal the orange juice from the kiddos.

The Soleil Mimosa line retails for approximately $10.99 a bottle and comes in several flavors: classic, pomegranate, mango and pineapple. Soleil also keeps the drink afternoon-friendly with a low alcohol content of 8 percent.

Packing champagne-like white wine and fruit juices into one mix may be convenient and cost-effective, but for people who enjoy a clever, thoughtful drink, convenience and cost-effectiveness never pan out well for the palate.

Perhaps my tastes are becoming a bit more discerning, but after trying the classic and pineapple versions, I felt like I was subjected to multiple glasses of Sunny-D, with just a tiny kick of something sparkling. Soleil promises that their juice is not from concentrate, and while the bubbles may have gone to my head, the taste mimicked juice box contents. The juice was so heavy and sugary — not reminiscent of some of the greatest noon drinks I’ve had in the past — and wine bubbles were weighed down by the juice.

For those who haven’t had a mimosa with brunch before, Soleil Mimosas may be enough to sate that experimental run. But others won’t be as easily swayed. It’s juice and wine in a bottle, simple as that. For my next brunch, I’ll be adding just a smidgen of fresh-squeezed orange juice to a glass of bubbly champagne. Might even add a cherry on top.

- Carrie Metz