Barefoot encourages ice

Sometimes I like ice cubes in my wine. Now that the elephant is exposed, I’ll tell you why. The deep purples of malbec and cab are my favorites, but they can be a bit much on a hot, sweaty day. Adding ice provides a mellower refreshment while keeping the internal heat at a medium temperature.

It appears winemakers are taking note and saying, “Hey, it’s OK! Drop an ice cube in, and the carbonation will make you feel better about your faux pas.” That’s what Barefoot Wine Cellars has done with its newest line, Barefoot Refresh. Retailing for $7.99, Barefoot is putting the bubbly back in the wines, from white to reds.

On this particular night, we tried Barefoot Refresh Crisp White and Summer Red.

Chenin blanc and riesling are mixed and swirled to create the crisp white. Together, they make for a vibrant and light-bodied wine. Melons and pears complement the lemon-lime flavors with a rare white smoothness.

The Summer Red exhibited a punch that doesn’t taste like actual punch. Advised to pour the pinot noir rose and moscato mixture over ice, adding lemon slices topped this drink off and cooled the summer night with its light finish and fanciful flavors. It was a bouquet of raspberries and oranges with hints of cinnamon and baked fruit pies.

These wines, with their affordable prices and chilling merits, deserve a place in your fridge.

- Carrie Metz

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